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Alberta’s growing economy and the retirement of many baby boomers together create enormous employment opportunities for Alberta youth in the building trades. Skills Canada Alberta promotes career opportunities for Alberta youth in trades and technologies.

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Skills Canada Alberta (SCA) works with employers, educators, labour groups, and government to make “trade and technical careers… a first choice career option for youth in Alberta”. Skills Canada Alberta is a nonprofit association and a member organization of Skills Canada.

Building Trades of Alberta is proud to be a supporter and an elite sponsor of Skills Canada Alberta. Several Building Trades of Alberta unions also sponsor Skills Canada Alberta. Skills Canada Alberta, in turn, recognizes the important role that Building Trades of Alberta unions play in providing best-in-class training and excellent benefits and wages to their members.

Building Trades of Alberta unions provide a number of services for their members, including job referrals, World class training facilities, pensions, health and welfare benefits, high wages and the safest worksites in the business.

Skills Canada Alberta

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Skills Canada Alberta is sponsored by the governments of Canada and Alberta, numerous businesses, and by

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