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Not all stories that happen at the jobsite are about triumphs of human spirit or people rising to meet seemingly insurmountable challenges, some stories are just plain funny. That’s what we are after here. We know you have a good time at work – you wouldn’t keep showing up if you didn’t get something out of it (money only works for so long). So share your good times! Tell everyone your stories. I’ll help you. Email me your story at and I will work with you to get it ready for publication on the BTA website, and you will be immortalized in story! Talked about for generations! World famous! Or at least, the people who visit the website can read about how much fun you have doing what you love and give them something to strive for. Seriously, email me. Let’s start trading stories around the province and across the nation. Boilermaker, pipefitter, carpenter, painter; we all have stories that we can all enjoy. Let’s do that.