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At the 2015 Building Trades of Alberta Conference, delegates and guests received marketing toolkits.  These toolkits were the culmination of months of work and the efforts of several individuals. The purpose behind the marketing toolkits is twofold: first, it was designed to give the delegates and guests a really excellent look at the work that the BTA does and a thorough understanding of how many routes the BTA takes in getting information out to the world. Second, the toolkit is a resource that the delegates and guests (and now you) can use, as a member of the BTA, to promote our mandate even further. Remember, we do what we do in order to support our affiliated Building Trades unions in securing the best possible working conditions and quality of life for skilled workers and their families. It is the responsibility of ALL members of the Building Trades of Alberta to promote and support the work that we all do.


Below is a list of the contents of the Marketing Toolkit.  Most items will have links associated with them so you can print them right from this website. Others will have links to partner websites so that you can get the materials there - this will help ensure that you are accessing the most current materials available. Other items will require you to contact us, as they require special processes to get produced - processes which we are happy to support you with.


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Marketing Toolkit Materials

Better SuperVision pamphlet: Provides a summary of the Better SuperVision program, including who Better SuperVision is and who can participate. Use this document to learn more about the program and to encourage others to participate. Click here to download this item, click here to see their video or click here to be sent to Better SuperVision's website to learn more.


BTA Trade Card: Newly designed for the 2015 BTA Conference, this card provides a quick summary of who the BTA is, who our members are, what we do and why we do it. Use this to promote the BTA and to get a clear understanding for yourself of the work we do and the value that we place on the men and women who make up the BTA community. Click here to download.


Build Together postcard: This postcard is an advertising piece designed to drive people to the Build Together website and social media properties. Use this to encourage women you know to explore work in the trades. Click here to be sent to Build Together's website to download this item and other material that they have available for you.


CEFAP information: The Construction Employee & Family Assistance Program pamphlet provides a brief outline of the program and lets you know what you can expect from participation in CEFAP. Use this information to understand what benefits and support may be available to you as well as to share with others, highlighting the comprehensive health programs available to people in the Building Trades. Click here to be sent to CEFAP's website to learn more.


Get to Know the BTA: Step-by-step instructions for “liking” the BTA on Facebook, “following” us on Twitter or making use of Use this to connect with us online and to encourage your friends, family and colleagues to do the same. Click here to download.


Helmets to Hardhats postcard: An advertising piece for employers to encourage them to make use of the Helmets to Hardhats program and recruit veterans and others who have completed their service to our country into working in the building trades. Use this to promote the program and get employers to do the same. Click here to download a Helmets to Hardhats banner card, click here to see their latest video or click here to be sent to the Helmets to Hardhats website.


Mandate: Ratified in August, the BTA Mandate clearly states who the Building Trades of Alberta is, what it is that we do and why we do it. This is an important document because it makes clear what activities the BTA undertakes on behalf of the membership and reinforces the fact that we work to support members and their families. Use this to learn about the BTA and to share that information with others who may not have a clear understanding of what your BTA does or what we stand for. Click here to download.


Marketing brochure: Originally designed to promote the value of unionized building trades to contractors and owners, this beautiful booklet really lays out the benefits of unionized labour as well as demonstrating the value that we bring to the table. It is a great summary of why the unionized building trades should be the first choice on any job. Use this to share with people about the value the building trades provide and certainly use this if you know anyone contemplating a job that requires building trades participation so they can see why union is a good choice. Click here to download.


MLA Directory: Complete listing of Alberta Members of the Legislative Assembly, including legislature office contact information, constituency office contact information, email and party affiliation. Use this to contact your MLA and talk with them about what matters to you and to discuss the BTA Policy Book with them – they have a copy. Click here to download the updated (June 30, 2016) directory.


Policy Book: Updated for 2016, the Building Trades of Alberta Policy Book is a document that encompasses the major policy points of the BTA. Intended to provide a clear view of what matters to us and what we want to see happen in Alberta in the near future, these policy books can be a very useful starting point for connecting with your MLA and helping them understand issues that are important to you. Use this to understand what the BTA is hoping to accomplish in the near future, share it with you friends and families and communicate it with your MLA. Click here to download.


Poster: The poster included in the Marketing Kit was originally from the Work A Better Life campaign, which began in January 2015. The file attached is designed to be a double-sided poster, but can be used to make two separate posters too. Click here to download.


Trade Cards: This set of 21 full-colour postcards provides information on 21 of the building trades that are represented by the member Locals of the BTA. They provide a description of the trades as well as contact information for the related Locals in order to find more information or to begin your career. Use this to share information about what the building trades are and what is involved in the trades. Originally planned to help students make informed decisions about their futures, these are useful to anyone who wants to know more. Contact your local for individual Trade cards. Contact us at to request a full set.


Trade Cards Educator Letter: This letter is a companion to the trade card set, and provides background information about the cards, if they are delivered to a school counselor or teacher, for use within the school. Use this when you deliver a set of trade cards to your school, so that the education professional you give the cards to will have the information required to make the best use of the trade cards. Click here to download.


Trade Winds to Success pamphlet: This is a summary of the Trade Winds to Success program. The largest of its kind in Canada, Trade Winds to Success has helped nearly a thousand aboriginal youths to learn the required skills and gain employment in the building trades. Use this to spread the word about this valuable program and encourage people you know to make use of it. Click here to be sent to Trade Winds to Success's website to learn more.


Workforce Projections – statistics card: This is an information piece designed to illustrate the expected labour needs in Alberta over the next 10 years. The graphics make it easy to see that there is significant demand expected. Use this to help encourage people to join the trades and take advantage of the coming labour requirements. Click here to download.


Hardhat Stickers 

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