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Job Seekers

Job Seekers is your portal to better career opportunities in the building trades.

  • Explore Our Trades

    Edmonton Clinic, Sheet Metal Workers International - Local 8 Find a career in the building trades that is right for you. For each building trade, you can learn about the type of work involved, important skills and abilities for the job, and apprenticeship requirements. Use the contact information if you have questions. Next step? Use Apprenticeship opportunities as your guide to becoming a building trades apprentice in Alberta.

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  • Journeyman Opportunities

    Carpenter, Alberta Regional Council of Carpenters and Allied Workers - Local 1325To meet Alberta's construction and maintenance labour requirements in the next ten years, an estimated 30,000 workers from within Alberta and 45,000 workers from outside Alberta are needed! Discover how you can benefit.

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  • Apprentice Opportunities

    Apprentice Careers, International Union of Operating Engineers - Local 955 Find out how you can take advantage of the great job opportunities available in the building trades! Earn money while you are training and learn skills that will qualify you for a great paying job.

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  • Job Initiatives

    Millwright Training, Local 1460 Canada's Building Trades Unions, the Building Trades of Alberta, its union locals, and their 75,000 skilled building trades workers together support numerous jobs initiatives. These four initiatives are bringing more Alberta Aboriginals, Canadian Forces veterans, women, and Alberta youth into the building trades.

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  • Training Opportunities

    Training, Alberta Pipes Trades College, United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters - Local 488 The Building Trades of Alberta and its affiliated union locals take training seriously. We support great scholarship opportunities. We offer the best private training facilities in Alberta - bar none. In fact, many of our locals have invested heavily in new, state-of-the-art training facilities precisely in order to handle the increased demand as new building trades workers enter the marketplace and baby boomers retire.

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  • Alberta Job Forecast

    Industry Job, International Union of Operating Engineers - Local 955 If you are looking for a job in the building trades, Alberta is where you want to be! The forecast for Alberta building trades jobs can be summarized in two words: HIGH DEMAND. Find out if your next job - and your future career - is as an Alberta building trades professional!

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  • Trade Union Reality Check

    Building Trade Union Reality Check Find out what you really know about building trades unions.

    Challenge the Building Trade Union Reality Check!!

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