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Folder Alcohol and Drug Information

Find information and links to the Rapid Site Access Program (RSAP) and the Canadian Model for a Safer Workplace. Check with your trade union local for additional information.


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The Canadian Model for Providing a Safe Workplace - Alcohol and Drug Guidelines and Work Rule is patterned after a similar program established by the US Department of Transportation (DOT). Development and implementation of the Canadian Model is based on a collaborative approach involving construction industry stakeholders. Visitors to the website can download a copy of the latest version of the Canadian Model. Building Trades of Alberta and Canada's Building Trades Union both participated on the Canadian Model Review Committee.

Rapid Site Access Program (RSAP) Popular

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The Rapid Site Access Program enables unionized construction and maintenance workers in Alberta to "gain access to participating industrial work sites without pre-access drug and alcohol testing in exchange for their agreement to be random tested while at work". The website has a full list of participating sites and unions. Users can download copies of applicable documents for contractors, owners, unions, and union members (including the Voluntary Application Form).