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NWR Sturgeon Refinery Project Website Now Live

Posted on August 11, 2015

The NWR Sturgeon Refinery Project website went live Tuesday, August 11 and is chock full of information, whether you worker at the site, looking for work or just looking to learn more about NWR. Visiting the worker site, you can get information on buses to the site, with the option to sign up for bus updates on Twitter, recognition and news, as well as anything else that could be useful to know. The partnership site is loaded with information such as career opportunities, an explanation of the project itself, impacts and on the environment as well as initiatives to protect the environment, information about the neighbouring communities, technical descriptions of the work that gets done as well as any current or updated news relevant to the North West Refinery Project. Click here to visit the site and click here to sign up on the contact page to receive updates from NWR via email.