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Help Make the Energy East Pipeline a Reality

Posted on May 20, 2016

Opinion polls show that 64% of Canadians want to see this much-needed pipeline built. That’s two in three Canadians!

Energy East is a project BY Canadians FOR Canadians – and the numbers speak for themselves.

So, if people ask you why they should support the project, here are five reasons why:

  1. Fewer foreign oil imports – Without Energy East, Canada is forced to import 736,000 barrels of oil each day from Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Angola and other countries. That’s $35 million leaving our economy every single day!
  2. Jobs, jobs and more jobs – 14,000 Canadians will work on Energy East annually through construction, and 3,300 more each year in the first 20 years of operations.
  3. One pipeline = less oil by rail – Energy East will replace 1,500+ rail cars, which travel each day through the hearts of our communities.
  4. $55 billion will be poured into the nation through increased business activity and higher spending from Canadians who will directly or indirectly work on the project.
  5. Schools, roads and hospitals – Beyond the oil that fuels our lives, Energy East will generate over $10 billion in new tax revenues for our provinces, helping them fund services we all rely on.

Unfortunately, our tradition in Canada is to quietly and politely watch from the sidelines – that will not be enough to get Energy East over the finish line.

Be an active supporter of the Energy East Pipeline and share this message with your family, friends and coworkers in an effort to build the number of project supporters on the Energy East Action Network. The more people we can get actively supporting this important initiative, the more likely it is to happen – and that means jobs for our members and money in our pockets.

We need to demonstrate with numbers that Canadians and Albertans are behind this important nation-building project.

Those individuals who choose to join the Energy East Action Network will receive updates on Energy East and find out how they can help get the facts out about the project on social media.

One pipeline. One voice. Take a stand!