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Partner Profiles

The Building Trades of Alberta partners with construction and maintenance industry owners, clients, and stakeholders to promote innovative solutions that grow our province's economy. We provide the best-trained, most highly skilled workforce available. We mobilize our knowledge and understanding of the construction and maintenance industry to promote workable solutions that benefit all partners.


  • Building Trades of Alberta is a member of the Alberta Chamber of Resources. The mandate of the Alberta Chamber of Resources is orderly development of Canadian resources.

    As a resource based cross-sectoral industry association, the Alberta Chamber of Resources provides leadership for the orderly and responsible development of our natural resources.

    Alberta Chamber of Resources

  • Several executive members of the Building Trades of Alberta sit on the Board of Directors of the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA).

    ACSA is a nonprofit society. Its members are construction employers. The Board of Directors includes representatives of construction associations, trade contractor associations, employers who are not members of these associations, and workers. All those involved in the Alberta Construction Safety Association work together to make "the construction environment in Alberta will be the safest anywhere."

    The Mission of the Alberta Construction Safety Association is to provide quality advice and education for the construction industry that will reduce human suffering and financial costs associated with workplace incidents.

    Alberta Construction Safety Association

    ACSA offers health and safety courses to construction employers. Many buyers of construction services insist on successful completion of the Certificate of Recognition program as a pre-qualification for tendering bids.

  • The Alberta Council of Turnaround Industry Maintenance Stakeholders (ACTIMS) is a partnership of oilsands owners, maintenance contractors, and labour providers. The three major energy companies are Shell Canada, Syncrude Canada, and Suncor Energy. The labour provider partners are the Building Trades of Alberta and its affiliated unions, the General Presidents’ Maintenance Committee and National Maintenance Council for Canada, and Canada's Building Trades Unions.

    ACTIMS goal is to ensure that the owner stakeholder’s turnarounds and ongoing maintenance projects are fully staffed with skilled, qualified, experienced, professional trades people.


    ACTIM's website includes notices of Job Opportunities in Fort McMurray and Fort Saskatchewan and a form to submit an application.

  • The Building Trades of Alberta and Construction Labour Relations – An Alberta Association own Better SuperVision. The Board of Directors of Better SuperVision consists of Alberta contractors, building trades representatives, and owners /contractors.

    Building trades and unionized contractors working together to produce results

    Better SuperVision

    Better SuperVision training courses provide new and experienced supervisors in the construction and plant maintenance industries with the tools for success. Better SuperVision course topics include work performance, documentation, record keeping, workplace diversity, effective communication, and work planning. Better SuperVision also offers a Leaders Building Leaders program sponsored to build coaching and mentoring skills of project superintendents, general foremen, and senior foremen.

  • Established in 1971, the non-profit Boilermaker Contractors' Association (BCA) represents the some 175 boilermaker contractors who make up the Provincial and Territorial Contractors' Associations. The BCA, with the Provincial and Territorial Contractors' Associations, negotiates collective bargaining agreements with the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers. The contractor directory is available online.

    Throughout the years, the key focus of the BCA has been to provide responsive and responsible collective bargaining and labour relations support to its members throughout Canada. As the labour market has changed, the BCA has expanded its mandate to include a focus on workforce supply and development for future demand.

    Boilermaker Contractors' Association

  • BuildForce Canada (est. 2001) is a construction industry organization that provides information and resources regarding construction workforce requirements in the New-Home Building and Renovation, Heavy Industrial, Institutional and Commercial, and Civil Engineering sectors.

    BuildForce Canada's reports are highly valued by government, academics, and industry leaders.

    The mandate of BuildForce Canada is to provide accurate and timely labour market information (LMI) to advance the needs of the entire construction industry. BuildForce Canada will lead value-added programs and initiatives that build the capacity and the capability of the construction workforce to meet current and future industry demand to drive economic growth in Canada.

    BuildForce Canada

    The Board of Directors is composed of an equal number of contractor, labour organization, and owner representatives. Building Trades have two representatives on the Board.

  • Building Trades of Alberta is a sponsor of CAREERS: The Next Generation (Careers). Careers offers career options in health services and trades and industrial technologies to high school students. In addition to building student awareness of trades options, Careers helps employersscreen and hire students through the

    • Co-op Apprenticeship Program for students in the Fort McMurray, Wood Buffalo, and Medicine Hat areas
    • Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)
    CAREERS: The Next Generation is a unique, non-profit organization raising youth awareness of career options and helping students earn while they learn through internship. We partner with government, educators, communities, industry, parents and students to introduce youth to rewarding careers and develop the skilled workers of the future.

    CAREERS: The Next Generation

  • Highway 63 and Highway 881 have seen hundreds of vehicle-related injuries and dozens of fatalities in recent years. The mission of the Coalition for a Safer 63 and 881 is to help drivers identify their dangerous driving habits and offer them safe alternatives. Coalition members include industry groups, regional municipalitie, safety organizations, and the media. The Building Trades of Alberta is a supporting member of the Coalition. The Coalition recently launched an online Interactive Fatality Map to help people learn about and self-assess their safe driving behaviours in a unique and impactful way.

  • Construction Labour Relations Alberta (CLR-A)

    is an employers’ association representing construction companies in collective bargaining with the Building Trades Unions, collective agreement administration, labour law matters, and joint initiatives with other industry stakeholders.

    Construction Labour Relations Alberta (CLR-A).

    The CLR-A website is an important source for forms, agreements, and program information, including

    • Alcohol & Drugs Policy Violation Referral Form
    • Rates & Allowances
    • Training
    • Audiometric Testing Program
    • Construction Employee Employee and Family Assistance Program
    • Rapid Site Access Program

  • The Building Trades of Alberta is an Associate Member of Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA).

    COAA is made up of users of construction services (Principal Members) and providers of construction services and related activities (Associate Members).

    COAA provides leadership to enable the Alberta heavy industrial construction and industrial maintenance industries to be successful in our drive for safe, effective, timely and productive project execution.

    Construction Owners Association of Alberta

    COAA's Workforce Development Committee works to ensure that the industry has available an effective construction workforce that satisfies demand. It also champions apprenticeship programs and apprentice employment.

  • The Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta (ECAA) represents electrical contractors in Alberta in discussions with government and industry boards, as well as in union (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers - Local 424 ) and non-union labor negotiations.

    The ECAA Mission
    The Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta is the voice and information centre of the electrical industry; a self-governing body working to ensure a professional membership through education, safety and strong stakeholder relationships.



  • A representative of each of Canada's international building trades unions sits on the Board of Directors of the General Presidents’ Maintenance Committee for Canada/National Maintenance Council for Canada or GPMC / NMC. GPMC / NMC is

    an alliance of International Building Trades Unions that negotiates and administers labour agreements tailored for maintenance work at industrial plants in Canada. The agreements make it possible for industry to employ up to 13 different construction trades under a single set of terms and conditions.

    GPMC / NMC

    The GPMC / NMC represents 14,000 skilled trades workers in the maintenance industry in Canada. The value of maintenance work to the Canadian economy is often overlooked. The General Presidents' Maintenance Committee for Canada reported some 14.4 million hours recorded by building trades union members in the first six months of 2014, with 6.94 million of these work hours recorded in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

    Major clients include Syncrude Canada, Shell Canada, Suncor, Petro-Canada, Exxon Mobil, Imperial Oil, and Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.

  • Helmets to Hardhats Canada works with Canadian Forces personnel (veterans and those currently serving) who are interested in transitioning from the Forces to careers in the building and construction industry. The mission of Helments to Hardhats is

    To provide Canadian military veterans and serving reservists with opportunities for apprenticeship training and/or rewarding careers, with excellent wages and benefits, in Canada's unionized building, construction and maintenance industries. To provide these same industry stakeholders with talented and highly committed military veterans and serving reservists who possess the skills, qualities, knowledge and experience to make an outstanding, long-term workforce contribution.

    Helmets to Hardhats

    The Building and Construction Trades unions of Canada have made the commitment to protect the apprenticeship and employment positions of the men and women in the CF Reserves until they return from their military duties. The Building Trades Unions thank the men and women of the Canadian Forces for their sacrifices on behalf of our nation.

    To view the latest promotional Helmets to Hardhats video on the Building Trades of Alberta YouTube channel, click here.

    Also see Jobs Initiatives - Helmets to Hardhats.

  • A member of the executive of the Building Trades of Alberta sits on the Board of Directors of the Manufacturers' Health & Safety Association (MHSA).

    The MHSA is a nonprofit organization that provides health and safety programs to its more than 1600 member companies. Companies that pay Workers Compensation premiums in the Steel/Metal Fabrication and Steel Service sectors are automatically members of MHSA. Other represented sectors are listed on the MHSA website. MHSA website.

  • The Building Trades of Alberta is an Elite Partner of Skills Canada Alberta.

    Skills Canada Alberta is a non profit association that works with government, business, educators, and labour to promote education and career options in the trade and technology sectors.

    Skills Canada Alberta recognizes the important role that the Building Trades of Alberta unions play in providing their members with rewarding careers.

    Building Trades of Alberta unions provide a number of services for their members, including job referrals, World class training facilities, pensions, health and welfare benefits, high wages and the safest worksites in the business.

    Skills Canada Alberta

    Building Trades of Alberta was also the Building and Construction Competition Sponsor in the 2014 Provincial Skills Canada Competitions.

    Also see Jobs Initiatives - Skills Canada Alberta

  • Building Trades of Alberta is a sponsor of the annual Links & Legends Golf Tournament, the "signature fundraising event" of The Educational Partnership Foundation (TEPF). Building Trades of Alberta also has a representative on the Board of Directors of the TEPF.

    The nonprofit The Educational Partnership Foundation provides learning initiativies to more than 180,000 students, in central and southern Alberta. TEPF's educational initiatives focus on literacy, citizenship, and online safety to help "grow great citizens".

    "Our mission is to enhance student learning opportunities by facilitating dynamic partnerships among business, educators, government and school communities."


    The Educational Partnership Foundation

  • Trade Winds to Success began when representatives of four Union Training Trust Funds approached the governments of Canada and Alberta and the Aboriginal communities to discuss ways to increase the number of Aboriginals in the building trades. The following Training Trust Funds now provide support to this initiative:

    Trade Winds to Success offers Aboriginals participants Trade Orientation and Pre-Apprenticeship Training programs, together with evaluation and follow-up.

    Also see Job Initiatives - Trade Winds to Success.

Contractors & Owners

Building Trades of Alberta and its affiliated unions partner with some of the largest businesses in the province, including:

Government & Other Agenices

The Building Trades of Alberta participates on numerous government committees, including Safety and Occupational Health Risk committees.

  • Alberta Boilermakers Safety Association
  • Alberta Human Rights Commission
  • Alberta Labour Relations Board
  • Alberta Workers' Compensation Board
  • Alberta Workers' Compensation Board Office of Appeals Advisor
  • Alberta’s Apprenticeship and Industry Training System
  • Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner