Marketing Toolkit

||Marketing Toolkit
Marketing Toolkit

The Marketing Toolkit supports our mandate to secure the best possible working conditions and quality of life for the skilled workers who make up the affiliated Building Trades unions—and their families. We hope members will explore and share the Marketing Toolkit resources.

Better Supervision Pamphlet

  • a summary of the Better SuperVision program
  • about Better SuperVision
  • who can participate
  • to learn more about the program
  • to encourage others to participate
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BTA Trade Card

  • a quick summary of who the BTA is
  • who our members are
  • what we do and why we do it
  • to promote the BTA
  • to get a clear understanding of the value we place on the men and women who make up the BTA community
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Build Together Postcard

  • an advertising postcard for Build Together
  • links to Build Togeether website and social media
  • to advertise Build Together
  • to encourage women to explore work in the trades
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CEFAP Information

  • Construction Employee & Family Assistance Program information
  • about the program
  • how remittances are made
  • participating trades
  • what you can expect from participation in CEFAP
  • to understand what benefits and support may be available
  • to share with others, highlighting the comprehensive health programs available to people in the Building Trades
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Helmets to Hardhats Banners

  • an advertising postcard for the Helmets to Hardhats program to recruit veterans and others who have completed their service to enter the building trades/li>
  • links to Helmets to Hardhats website and social media
  • to promote the Helmet to Hardhats program
  • to encourage employers to promote the Helmet to Hardhats program
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Helmets to Hardhats promo video Oct 2015


  • BTA Mandate Statement
  • statement of activities the BTA undertakes on behalf of the membership
  • to learn about the BTA
  • to share information about what the BTA does with others
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Marketing Brochure

  • what partnering with the Building Trades means
  • the Skilled Trades Advantage for owners and contractors
  • the values skilled trades workers bring to the table
  • how skilled trades workers can improve profitability
  • to promote the value of unionized building trades
  • to explain the value of partnering with the Building Trades
Download Building Trades of Alberta Marketing Brochurepdf icon
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MLA Directory

  • a complete listing of Alberta Members of the Legislative Assembly
  • legislature office contact information
  • constituency office contact information
  • email and party affiliation
  • to contact your MLA
  • to reach out to your MLA to discuss the BTA Policy Book
  • to reach out to your MLA to support BTA campaigns
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Policy Book

  • the major policy points of the BTA
  • a statement of what matters to the BTA
  • what we want to see happen in Alberta in the near future
  • to understand what the BTA is hoping to accomplish in the near future
  • to reach out to your your MLA and explain the issues that are important to you
  • to share with friends, family, and  colleagues
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Take Action

BTA Blog

Work a Better Life Poster

  • the Work A Better Life campaign poster
  • to promote a career in the skilled trades
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Trade Cards

  • a set of 21 full-colour postcards about the skilled building trades
  • a description of each trade
  • contact information for the related Locals
  • to promote each building trade
  • to explain what is involved in each building trade
  • to help students make informed decisions about apprenticeships and careers in the trades
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Trade Cards Intro

  • a companion introduction to the trade card set
  • background information about the cards
  • to accompany a set of trade cards delivered to a school
  • to help a school counselor or teacher understand and explain career options in the trades
Download Introduction Letter to BTA Trades Cards pdf icon
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Information About BTA Locals

Trade Winds to Success Pamphlet

  • information about the Trade Winds to Success program and its successes
  • to to promote the Trade Winds to Success program
  • to encourage Indigenous people to consider a career in the building trades
  • to encourage employers and contractors to support the program
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BTA’s Support for Trade Winds to Success

Workforce Projections Statistics Card

  • information about Alberta’s labour needs over the next 10 years
  • easy-to-use graphical representations
  • to illustrate the significant skilled trades labour shortage Alberta faces over the next 10 years
  • to encourage people to join the trades
  • to explain the opportunity for careers in the building trades
Download Alberta Building Trades Careers: The Next 10 Years pdf icon
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Find Training in the Skilled Building Trades

Hardhat Stickers

  • Building Trades of Alberta stickers
  • Stand Up for Safety stickers
  • Helmets to Hardhats sticker
  • Build Together stickers
  • to promote the BTA and its work
  • to promote these organizations
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Community Benefit Agreements

Trans Mountain Expansion

Stand Up
for Safety