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About Stand Up for Safety

Stand Up for Safety is a new industry philosophy shared by the 14 building trade unions in Alberta. Our goal is to empower stakeholders at all levels from apprentice to business owner to have the freedom to talk openly about safety concerns on the job. On every job. Every single day. Watch the Stand Up for Safety video, which was shot entirely at Shell Scotford.

Why Stand Up for Safety?

From 2000 to 2010, lost time claims in Alberta reduced from 3.43 years per 100 person years worked to 1.47 – a reduction of 57%. But in the years immediately following 2010, lost time claims remained relatively stable. When an incident occurs on site, workers involved are required to “stand down” in order to allow for the situation to be dealt with appropriately. That costs time, money, health, and even lives.

The Building Trades of Alberta initiated Stand Up for Safety to further reduce lost time injuries and claims. Stand Up for Safety creates an environment in which members look out for one another, reducing the need to “stand down” after someone has already been hurt. You can call it an intervention, but we think of it as one Brother or Sister Standing Up for another Brother or Sister.

Stand Up for Safety is a tripartite initiative of contractors, owners, and unions that could change our industry forever.

What Is Stand Up for Safety?

Stand Up for Safety is the next incremental step in safety: a new industry philosophy that is shared by all 14 building trades unions in Alberta. We hope to empower stakeholders at all levels from apprentice to business owner to have the freedom to openly talk about safety concerns on the job. On every job. Every single day.

The program demonstrates the commitment of the building trades to safety. It also reiterates value to the owners. Our partners are focussed on safety and that makes everyone more productive. Safety is essential because our people matter to us.

Stand Up for Safety Principles

The Principles for Stand Up for Safety are Simple:

  • Be willing to approach and address fellow workers when you see something that causes you concern.
  • Be willing to receive help when fellow workers approach and address you.

We are all called on to protect our Brothers and Sisters from risk, injury, and illness. Industry is becoming more and more competitive, and owners are closely reviewing contractor safety records. Excellent safety records are the shared competitive advantage of Alberta’s building trades

Take Action
Stand Up for Safety

  1. Show your support by wearing your Stand Up for Safety sticker on your hard hat. Talk to your friends and colleagues and encourage them to do the same. Stickers are available at your Local and through the BTA.Stand Up for Safety Helmet Sticker
  2. Watch and share the YouTube videos available on this page and on the BTA YouTube channel with your friends and colleagues. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up to date.
  3. Share the other BTA resources available on this page.

You can download and print:

  1. Share your stories. Email BTA at and tell us about a time when you had a close call, a time when you could have intervened but didn’t and how that made you feel, or a time when you did Stand Up for a co-worker and prevented an incident from taking place. Sharing your stories is the best way to help this philosophy in safety take hold among your Brothers and Sisters

Together we can Stand Up for Safety.

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