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Ongoing Support for Fort McMurray

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We've been getting a lot of questions about what the Building Trades are doing with respect to assisting with the Fort McMurray fire situation and how we can help. Many of our members have already stepped up by providing food and shelter for the displaced citizens, volunteering in evacuation centres or by making donations to various charities in an effort to provide some form of relief. Additionally, Building Trades Locals across Canada have already contributed over $3,000,000 in aid through donations to the Red Cross or in direct member assistance.

But the question now is: How can we help going forward?

The BTA is adopting a two-pronged approach to step up in that protracted time of need:

First, we have established a Building Trades “Rebuild McMurray Hope Fund” which will ensure that the community and those that will require future assistance are not forgotten. The City of Fort McMurray is now beginning to allow its residents to return home and our members are starting to return to their worksites. Eventually, everyone will have moved back home, the worksites will be back at full capacity and the Red Cross will begin to reduce services and support, moving toward a complete withdrawal from Fort McMurray and the acute nature of the event will have ended. This is where we feel we can play a vital role.

While there is no immediate certainty as to exactly how these funds will be allocated, it will be used to assist with the rebuilding of vital infrastructure, ensuring adequate health care and other public services are available, assisting to build or put in place adequate temporary residences, or whatever else we determine is necessary after working closely with the Mayor and Council of Fort McMurray and the provincial government.

The Building Trades of Alberta has seeded the fund with $250,000 and is accepting donations from other provincial Building Trades councils and Locals across Canada, the Canadian and North American offices of the Building Trades, and other related organizations such as the GPC/NMC, ensuring that, as Fort McMurray has supported us and our members for years, we can return that generosity. What this fund is not, however, is a general donation fund – the BTA is not set up to receive donations from members or individuals. If you or anyone else wants to make a financial contribution to aid in the rebuilding of Fort McMurray, we encourage you to donate to the Red Cross, to the Wood Buffalo Food Bank or to any other charity you deem worthwhile and likely to provide the kind of help to the people of Fort McMurray you want.

Second, we are building a volunteer registry from our membership, with the explicit goal of having a core group of volunteer members ready, willing and able to contribute our skills and sweat equity to the rebuilding of the city of Fort McMurray. Having this contingency list of volunteers and coordinating our efforts will allow us to respond quickly to any requests brought forward by the city or government officials and allow us to bring our resources to bear if and when they are needed.

So what do we need from you?

Add your name to our volunteer registry! If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and using your trade or any other skills to help out, contact us at with your name and contact info, your Local, your trade credentials and how think you can best pitch in. As we work with city and government officials to determine a path forward and how best to apply the skills we have available we will contact you directly to communicate the plan. Be patient as it make take some time before we are asked to help but if and when the call comes we will be ready.

No matter how you choose to support the recovery efforts in Fort McMurray, know that we can all proudly say that we the BTA and our Brothers and Sisters across Canada are committed to stand in unity with the community of Fort McMurray, ready to serve for the long haul ahead.

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