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BTA’s Path Forward

TA’s Path Forward aims to instill hope and a sense of belonging among Alberta’s Indigenous youth. The truth is, for many Indigenous Albertans, desperation and despair are unfortunate realities and can lead folks down a dangerous path. Addictions, incarcerations, mental health issues and suicides have plagued numerous Indigenous communities at disproportional rates, for far too long.

The Building Trades of Alberta wants to help.

There are several paths local Indigenous youth have taken that have brought success. Those stories need to be told. From BTA’s Path Forward ambassador Ethan Bear of the Edmonton Oilers, to Grand Chief of Treaty 6 and friend of BTA Chief Billy Morin, to Jasmin Smith, union Ironworker Local 725 apprentice with the Building Trades of Alberta. All found hope. All found accomplishment. All found their path forward.

But sometimes that path forward is hard to find.

BTA’s goal is to highlight the rewards of a career in the unionized skilled trades and the potential for the skilled trades to be a path forward for Alberta’s Indigenous youth.

BTA is home to more than 60,000 unionized skilled trades workers, from apprentices to red seal journeypersons, many of them are Indigenous with many finding personal growth and financial security through the unionized skilled trades. These careers offer the best rates of pay, health and welfare benefits, collective bargaining rights, the highest workplace health and safety standards, a sense of community and more.

Our 18 local union affiliates work in all areas of the construction trades, and with paid apprenticeships and EI benefits while attending training, you never go into student debt.

If you think your path forward could be in the unionized skilled trades, let BTA help you with your first few steps by directly contacting BTA Community and Indigenous Director, Lyle Daniels.

Note from BTA Community and Indigenous Director, Lyle Daniels, son of George Gordon First Nation:

“It is so sad when our young people lose hope in their life, and for some, to only see suicide as the solution. It is also heartbreaking to hear of four suicides in the last few months from Ethan Bear’s home community of Ochapowace First Nation, not far from where I grew up. I want to help. The Building Trades of Alberta wants to help. That’s why we’re doing Path Forward.

“The best way to fight for our young people, to help them see and plan a future for themselves, is to offer a hand up and for many, it could be with the unionized skilled trades.

“If you think a career in the building trades is for you, or if you have any questions about how to get started, I want to talk to you.”

Find your path forward.

Lyle Daniels, BTA Community and Indigenous Director

Phone: 780-868-4300

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“I chose this trade. I chose this life. I chose to associate myself with these people because I knew I could. I knew I could do better.”

—Jasmin Smith, Union Ironworker Local 725

“Just move forward. There’s so much in this life to live for, that you don’t need that extra distraction.”

Ethan Bear, former Edmonton Oilers

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Supporting Working Parents Image 1

“Taking it one step at a time is practical, it’s real, and we can take big strides just having that philosophy in mind when it comes to helping our young people or helping our families.”

—William Morin, Chief – Enoch Cree Nation