Path Forward

BTA’s Path Forward aims to instill hope and a sense of belonging among Alberta’s Indigenous youth. The truth is, for many Indigenous Albertans, desperation and despair are unfortunate realities and can lead folks down a dangerous path. Addictions, incarcerations, mental health issues, and suicides have plagued numerous Indigenous communities at disproportional rates, for far too long.

STAND UP for Satefy

Stand Up for Safety is a new industry philosophy shared by the 18 building trade unions in Alberta. Our goal is to empower stakeholders at all levels from apprentices to business owners to have the freedom to talk openly about safety concerns on the job. On every job. Every single day. Watch the Stand Up for Safety video, which was shot entirely at Shell Scotford.

Social Procurement Agreements

Social Procurement Agreements put Alberta workers, families, and local communities first.

The members of the Building Trades of Alberta live right here in Alberta. We raise our families here. We pay taxes here. And we want to build infrastructure projects the right way; they become part of our province, and we want them to last. That’s why we support Social Procurement Agreements.

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Build Together

Build Together is a national workforce development program initiated by Canada’s Building Trades Unions (CBTU). Build Together now has chapters across the country. Alberta was one of the first Chapters (Build Together – Women of the Alberta Building Trades) and has been operating since 2015, but our efforts to bring women into the building trades date back much further.

Trade Winds to Success

Trade Winds to Success offers Trade Orientation and Pre-Apprenticeship Training programs, as well as evaluation and follow-up during apprenticeship training. See the Trade Winds to Success website for intake dates. The program has been featured in the Edmonton Journal and was the recipient of the 2013 Senator Thelma Chalifoux Award presented annually by the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

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Stay Connected

Great “Thank You” ad to @medicinehatcity from @UACanada 496 + @CFIndustries in @MedicineHatNews for the welcome given to mbmrs during turnaround. $5K given to foodhub as 🙏 - What BTA unions are about, giving back to communities we live & work in. We’ll fight to keep doing it.

We're working hard to reduce barriers to affordable, accessible & quality childcare for workers in the skilled trades. As parents & skilled trades pros, we want to hear from you! Visit: to take the survey and to learn more about this important campaign!

Listen up! Episode 4 of BTA's Path Forward Indigenous radio show is up! You can catch the show across AB last Sat of the month at 8:30am on 89.3 The Raven, CFWE Radio and CJWE Radio, part of the Windspeaker radio network.
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