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Ian Robb’s parents were proud trade union members that raised him to believe in the rights of workers, the importance of good health care and pension plans and the power of solidarity. In Ian’s Union career he was an active member of the Teamsters and the Machinist Unions prior to joining the Hotel and Hospitality division of UNITE HERE Local 40 (formerly H.E.R.E.) as a bartender in 1984 in Victoria, British Columbia. He was an energetic Union member who was seconded to the BC and Yukon Building Trades as the Vancouver Island Business Manager for three years. From there, Ian moved on to be a Representative and Organizer with Local 40 for thirteen years on behalf of Vancouver Island workers, and was an active member of the Local 40 Executive Board.

In 2005 Ian was asked to assist Local 47 in Edmonton, Alberta. Shortly after his arrival Local 47 was put into Trusteeship by the International Union and Ian served as the Deputy Trustee and administered the Local. Ian was subsequently elected to the position of President/Administrator (BM) of Local 47 twice (2011/2016). During his time in Alberta, Ian’s work has seen the Local grow from about 780 members to approximately 4,000 and increased the number of work sites. Ian has served as the first Vice President of the Building Trades of Alberta, President of the Northern Alberta Building Trades Council and a Union Trustee on the Local 47 Health Care and Pension Plans, as well as Chairperson of Local 47’s training fund. Ian continues to be active with multiple charities in Alberta and British Columbia and believes very strongly in giving back to the community.

Ian was appointed Canadian Director of UNITE HERE in January 2017 and elected as the Chair of the Building Trades of Alberta (BTA) in November 2017. Ian’s commitment is unwavering and he will continue to work tirelessly to ensure organized labour has the opportunity to grow and prosper well into the future.


The Building Trades of Alberta is about PEOPLE, PARTNERSHIPS and COMMUNITY. We coordinate and promote the interests of 16 Alberta trade unions whose 75,000 members work in the residential, commercial and industrial construction, maintenance and fabrication industries. We provide solutions to meet the challenges of an ever-changing industry in an energy conscious world.

  • We work on Industrial, commercial, and institutional construction projects – as well as on maintenance projects – throughout Alberta.
  • We partner with contractors and employers to deliver projects on budget and on schedule.
  • We provide the most reliable, productive, and safest building trades workforce available.
  • We believe in investing in our people. We are the largest supporters of apprenticeship and training for building trades workers in the private sector. Our union training facilities and programs set the standard in the construction industry.
  • We believe in investing in Alberta and in our communities. Through the Building Trades of Alberta Charitable Foundation, our members have donated over $6 million to worthwhile charities throughout Alberta.

Who are the Building Trades of Alberta members? We are your friends, your neighbours, and the volunteers that make our Alberta communities better places to live.

Stand up for Safety

You can empower stakeholders to openly talk about safety concerns. On every job. Every single day.
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