2019 federal election campaign has begun  

|2019 federal election campaign has begun  

2019 federal election campaign has begun  

This morning, Justin Trudeau officially launched the 2019 federal election campaign. Voters from coast to coast to coast will head to the polls on Oct. 21 to decide who will lead our country for the next four years.

What happens at the federal level has a profound effect on unionized skilled trades in Alberta, and across the country. Each one of us has the opportunity to make sure candidates, who have an agenda that meets the needs of unionized skilled trades workers, get elected.

This means everything from where they stand on issues like procurement, community benefit agreements, backing of job-creating projects, respect and support for organized labour and its rights under the Charter, skilled trades training and more.

Over the coming weeks, the Building Trades of Alberta encourages its affiliates and our more than 60,000 members across Alberta to ask tough questions of their candidates, to pay attention to the issues and party platforms, and to talk to co-workers, friends and family about the parties and where they stand on the issues that matter to them.

The Building Trades of Alberta will continue to watch the federal election closely and inform and engage its membership as we gear up to election day.

Remember, the choice is yours. Get ready, get active and get out the vote.

Terry Parker

Executive Director, Building Trades of Alberta

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