Building Trades of Alberta and X-energy Canada Collaborate for the Future SMR Workforce

The Memorandum of Understanding is expected to increase awareness of the Xe-100 small modular reactor toward increasing efficiencies and diversity on future small modular reactor projects

The Building Trades of Alberta (“BTA”) and X-energy Canada (X-Energy Canada) have signed a memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) to raise awareness of the Xe-100 small modular reactor (“SMR”) and the job and training opportunities the technology could create for Alberta’s skilled trades workers. These joint efforts aim to improve efficiencies on future SMR projects and to increase participation of underrepresented groups in the skilled trades, including Indigenous Peoples, women, and youth.

The Government of Alberta is one of four provincial participants of the Strategic Plan for the Deployment of SMRs, which maps out the path forward to capitalize on the benefits of adopting advanced reactors, including the Xe-100.

“The BTA is incredibly excited to work closely with X-energy Canada through this MOU to help advocate for SMRs in Alberta in an effort to bring this green, safe and reliable energy alternative to our province,” said Terry Parker, Executive Director of the BTA. “The BTA prides itself on its long history of creating and representing Canada’s highest skilled trades professionals. Our members have built cutting-edge energy facilities in the Wood Buffalo region and beyond. We have the training facilities needed to skill-up and certify the industrial construction workforce to do the same with SMRs, while providing a stable and safe workforce that meets the needs of our industry partners.”

The Xe-100 is a High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor developed on decades of research, development, and operating experience. The next generation technology is scalable to meet demand, with one unit generating up to 80 megawatts of electricity from 200 megawatts of thermal power. The Xe-100 can directly support heavy industry, including oil sands operations, mining applications, and other industrial processes through efficiently combining high-temperature 565 Celsius steam and power production.

“We’re delighted to expand our relationship with the BTA and help prepare their membership for exciting opportunities ahead as an integral part of the future SMR workforce,” said Katherine Moshonas Cole, President, X-energy Canada. “Our Xe-100 technology seeks to diversify Alberta’s energy industry and strengthen its economy. As the province transitions to a carbon-neutral future, our collaboration with the BTA strives to help Alberta realize the maximum benefit from the deployment of these SMRs for the thousands of hard-working skilled trades, their families, and communities.”

Established in 1906, the BTA coordinates the interests of 18 Alberta trade unions whose more than 60,000 members work in the residential, commercial and industrial construction, maintenance, and fabrications industries. 

According to Buildforce Canada, “the [construction] industry needs to recruit 309,000 new construction workers over the next decade (2021 to 2030), driven predominantly by the expected retirement of 259,100 workers (22% of the current labour force).” Looking ahead, the BTA and X-energy Canada intend to work together to identify opportunities that support a successful transition into the net-zero economy.

The MOU is non-binding and non-exclusive. 


  • “Alberta’s economy has great momentum, and our government is committed to building on our prosperity by creating jobs and attracting investment to our province. This partnership is expected to help ensure Alberta workers have the skills they need so they are ready to meet the labour demand in our energy sector.” Brian Jean, Alberta Minister of Jobs, Economy and Northern Development.

  • “Alberta and our partners in industry are leaders in energy and innovation. Small modular reactors have enormous potential, and I am excited by this collaboration and by the potential for new, meaningful, and long-term jobs for Alberta’s skilled and talented workforce.” Matt Jones, Alberta Minister of Affordability and Utilities.

About the Building Trades of Alberta

Building Trades of Alberta coordinates and promotes the interests of 18 Alberta trade unions whose 60,000 members work in the residential, commercial and industrial construction, maintenance, and fabrication industries.

Media contact:

Tyler Bedford,

Director of Communications and Relations

(780) 298-7626

About X Energy Reactor Company, LLC.

X Energy Reactor Company, LLC (“X-energy”) is a leading developer of small modular nuclear reactor and fuel technology for clean energy generation that is redefining the nuclear energy industry through its development of safer and more efficient advanced small modular nuclear reactors and proprietary fuel to deliver reliable, zero-carbon and affordable energy to people around the world. X-energy’s simplified, modular and intrinsically safe SMR design greatly expands applications and markets for deployment of nuclear technology and drives enhanced safety, lower cost and faster construction timelines when compared with other SMRs and conventional nuclear. For more information, visit or connect with us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

X-energy announced on December 6 plans to list on the New York Stock Exchange through a merger with Ares Acquisition Corporation (NYSE: AAC). Upon the closing of the transaction, expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2023, the combined company will be named X-Energy, Inc., and its common equity securities and warrants will be listed on the NYSE.

Media contact:

Monifa Miller

Director, Communications and Stakeholder Relations

(647) 782-4572

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