BTA COVID-19 vaccination policy in place

Building Trades of Alberta (the “BTA”)


Building Trades of Alberta (the “BTA”) COVID & VACCINATION POLICY (“the Policy”)
In an effort to reduce the spread of COVID – 19 and in accordance with the Building Trades of Alberta’s firm commitment to providing a safe, healthy, and productive work environment, the BTA has implemented this Policy to protect the health and safety of all persons who may access the BTA’s premises

This Policy is consistent with the Restrictions Exemption Program put forward by AHS save and except where modified by this Policy. In practical terms all persons who wish to enter the BTA’s premises must show proof of complete vaccination as well as personal identification in the same manner as you would to attend a sporting event, a restaurant, the movies, or other public places. It is the intention of the BTA to reduce the risk of transmission of disease and thereby reduce the risk of severe outcomes in the event that anyone becomes infected.

These measures will assist in mitigating and hopefully eliminating the risk posed by COVID-19 in our workplace.

Scope of the Policy
This Policy is effective immediately (as 0f November 3, 2021) and will remain in effect until further notice.

This policy requires that every person attending on the BTA’s premises, whether employees, guests, visitors, licensees, contractors, or any other persons must be fully vaccinated, which means that they have received a second dose of an approved COVID – 19 vaccine(s). Proof of vaccination includes the passage of 14 days following the second dose of a COVID – 19 vaccine and can be made by way of a health record such as the Restrictions Exemption Program of the Government of Alberta (, other proof of vaccination may be acceptable to the BTA including a physician’s letter or a record from a licensed pharmacist or AHS vaccination clinic. The BTA reserves its right to consider all such documentation and to accept or reject such information in its absolute discretion.

Understanding that there are some persons who may have legitimate medical, religious, or other valid reason for not being vaccinated who may, in the complete discretion of the BTA, provide a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to entry together with acceptable identification. The BTA will accommodate reasonable situations protected by human rights legislation on a case-by-case basis. Such accommodation may be by making available videoconferencing. Further visits into the BTA’s premises beyond the 72-hour limit will require a repeated PCR test. The costs of such PCR test(s) may be reimbursed by the BTA in its discretion.

Masking on the premises at all reasonable times, and in communal areas, is required.

Person seeking access to the BTA’s premises may be required to answer a short vaccination/symptom questionnaire.

Individuals’ personal information, beyond the questionnaire, will not be retained, shared, managed, or otherwise dealt with and any materials that are retained will be retained in accordance with the BTA’s existing Personal Privacy of Information Policy.

In the event of a contravention of the policy, access to the BTA’s premises may be revoked, suspended, or terminated for such a period as may be reasonable in the circumstances.

The BTA enacts this policy reluctantly but does so as the Pandemic continues unabated. We believe that we have a duty to protect all persons who enter our facilities, and this is at least an appropriate way to comply with that.

The BTA, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to amend, alter, enhance, cancel, or otherwise deal with this policy at any time and posting of the policy is deemed effective upon being posted in the offices of the BTA.

We appreciate and value your cooperation and are grateful for your compliance with this policy.

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