BTA Labour Day 2020 message
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On Labour Day, thank the workers getting us through these trying times 

Without question, Labour Day 2020 feels much different than it has in the past. But as we look back on the difficult times we’ve all faced the last few months, the meaning of Labour Day should take on a whole new appreciation for everyone.

While the large barbecues, events and celebrations we’ve come to associate with the last long weekend of summer are – rightfully – on hold this year, the COVID-19 pandemic that has upended the status quo and tossed out routine, has also highlighted the vital role workers play in keeping our communities healthy and our society running.

So, to our brave frontline health-care workers who toil through the virus day in and day out, putting themselves and their families at risk in order to protect us, thank you.

To our courageous grocery store workers who labour in terrifying times to ensure we have access to the necessities of life, thank you.

To our transit workers facing daily exposure to make sure the public gets to work, their doctor or to see a struggling loved one, thank you.

To our heroic emergency services workers who keep our neighbourhoods secure, our streets safe and deliver timely care to those who need it most, thank you.

To our bold truckers and transport workers who venture out despite lockdowns and outbreaks to keep our supply chains moving, thank you.

To our devoted teachers educating our kids for the future in the face of fear and the unknown, thank you.

To our strong construction and maintenance workers who pick up their tools every day to build crucial infrastructure, ensure the safe operation of our refineries and who keep our economy moving, thank you.

You are our union members. You are our community members. You are our heroes.

This Labour Day, and for all the Labour Days to come, remember the roles workers played in getting us through COVID-19, because without their resolve and courage, the hard moments of the last half year could have been catastrophic.

Terry Parker,

Executive Director, Building Trades of Alberta

BTA proudly represents more than 60,000 skilled trades workers from 18 Alberta union locals

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