BTA’s Partnership with MMIP Family Matters LTD.

In May of this year, Canada’s House of Commons voted to declare a national emergency around this issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous People. This declaration is meant to address this ongoing crisis that continues to devastate communities across this country. Indigenous people go missing at vastly disproportionate rates and families are left without closure or justice. Organizations of all sizes must do their part to ensure that victims are found and that families find peace.

This ongoing problem has affected many families within the unionized skilled trades. We in organized labour must do our part to help save lives and bring peace to those who have lost loved ones. That’s why the Building Trades of Alberta is partnering with the not-for-profit corporation, MMIP Family Matters LTD.

MMIP does incredible work to address this issue through three pillars: Justice, Prevention and Healing:

  • JUSTICE – MMIP’s team of retired law enforcement officers have significant experience in Major Crime investigations.  At no cost to the families in need, they act as advocates and law enforcement liaisons for the families. Additionally, they are licensed Private investigators able to provide Investigative support to families of Missing and Murdered Indigenous People in Alberta. Learn more:
  • PREVENTION – To help prevent these instances and protect vulnerable members of Indigenous communities, MMIP utilizes their innovative app, RESCUE GIS. This free service allows users easy access contact emergency services and seek help quickly by pinpointing their location. Learn more:
  • HEALING – For those who have been devastated by this problem, MMIP offers trauma-informed healing programs to help families and communities through the difficulty of losing someone dear.

However, MMIP cannot tackle this issue alone. They rely on the support and partnership of industries and labor organizations to make a significant impact. The skilled trades community, known for its kindness and support, is proud to stand alongside MMIP Canada in addressing the crisis of Missing or Murdered Indigenous People (MMIP). As we approach the third annual National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with MMIP Canada and our commitment to supporting their vital work.

You can show your support by contributing to their Fall Fundraiser for families of missing and murdered indigenous people here.b9d18df0 fab0 4e32 a0da e2d1078db947

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