BTA statement on Bill 7: Responsible Energy Development Amendment Act

“Yesterday, the provincial government tabled Bill 7: Responsible Energy Development Amendment Act, in an effort to reduce delays in resource project applications with the Alberta Energy Regulator.

“BTA has brought forward its concerns over repeated project delays to the Alberta government many times. These delays, some for years, have prevented skilled trades members of BTA and many other Albertans from going to work. That’s not acceptable.

“Jobs are needed, and in order to create them, the industries that employ our members must have the confidence to invest in projects that put our folks to work. It’s that simple.

“If passed, Bill 7 would allow the province to set appropriate timelines for project reviews if required and is an encouraging step to toward reducing the unnecessary project delays that hinder our economic recovery.”

Terry Parker, Executive Director, Building Trades of Alberta

The Building Trades of Alberta proudly represents more than 60,000 skilled trades members from 18 union locals, province wide.

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