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|BTA Welcomes TMX Announcement

BTA Welcomes TMX Announcement

At long last, it appears that TMX will proceed. The federal government has taken the additional time to deliver on its commitments for environmental protections and meaningful indigenous consultations. There is a reason for optimism that work will begin this construction season.

“The Building Trades of Alberta Locals will be working with our contractors to bid on available TMX opportunities as well as on new TMX opportunities as they arise,” says Terry Parker, Executive Director of the Building Trades of Alberta. “We also anticipate work in other areas. Our Locals have the skilled workforce these projects will require. We will be working with our contractors to secure jobs for our members wherever possible.”

TMX Info

Keep up to date on Trans Mountain opportunities. “Trans Mountain is gathering a list of interested vendors through an online procurement registry.” Check out the full list.

Read the government of Canada statement on the Economic Benefits of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

Watch Premier Jason Kenney speak on behalf of the Alberta government regarding the TMX approval.

Learn more about the BTA’s support for TMX on our website and in our social media:

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