Labour Day greetings from BTA

|Labour Day greetings from BTA

Labour Day greetings from BTA

Labour Day greetings from The Building Trades of Alberta

As many of us gather with family and friends this Labour Day long weekend to barbeque and soak up the last long weekend of summer, it’s important we take a moment to recognize the role organized labour plays in bettering the lives of all working people.

For decades, unions have fought and struggled to improve working conditions for everyone.

The push for a living wage, health and welfare benefits, practical hours of work, universal health care, the weekend, child labour laws, improvements to workplace safety, collective bargaining and more were all accomplished because of the efforts of organized labour.

And while these conditions are now commonplace for many of us, the need for unions to fight for further gains, and protect the gains we’ve already made, is constant.

That’s why I’m proud to be the Executive Director of the Building Trades of Alberta, which represents 14 Alberta skilled trades unions with over 60,000 members.

These are the folks who build and maintain the bridges you drive on, plants you work at, hospitals you get better in and the homes you tuck your kids into. These workers are the backbone of our economies and strong advocates of job-creating projects that put many Albertans to work.

Union workers in the building trades are active and committed community members who give back through the Building Trades of Alberta Charitable Foundation as well. This foundation has been around since 1991 and to date, has raised more than $7.6 million for over 70 worthy causes across our province; from STARS air ambulance, to the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, diabetes research, hope centres, food banks and more.

The Building Trades of Alberta is also committed to exposing unionized skilled trades to all Albertans.

From Trade Winds to Success, which gives Indigenous Albertans skilled-trades opportunities, Build Together, which promotes the work of unionized women in the skilled trades and Helmets to Hardhats, which helps get veterans into the trades. Plus, through numerous skilled-trades training for students and youth, BTA affiliates work to bring good paying and rewarding jobs to our communities.

So, enjoy these last few weeks of summer and please, remember the important role organized labour plays in improving the lives of all Albertans.

In solidarity,

Terry Parker

Executive Director, Building Trades of Alberta

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