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Flood Relief

Flood waters hit southern Alberta in June 2013, driving some 100,000 people from their homes, threatening homes, businesses, and communities, and devastating lives.

In response, the Building Trades of Alberta acted quickly to coordinate financial donations from other unions and provide financial support to relief efforts. Donations came from the Building Trades affiliated Local and International Unions and from the Provincial and Canadian Building Trades organizations. Within days, the Building Trades of Alberta presented a $285,000 cheque to the Red Cross Alberta Flood Relief effort.

The members of the affiliated unions, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and other vital trades likewise volunteered their much-needed labour, working on the ground in coordination with City of Calgary and Province of Alberta disaster relief efforts.

I’m proud of the initiatives that our members have taken in fanning out across Calgary as teams of volunteers this week. And I’m pleased that we were able to offer people in southern Alberta immediate assistance with money donated by our Provincial and International Unions last weekend.

Warren Fraleigh, Executive Director, Building Trades of Alberta

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