Happy Labour Day from BTA!
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Oh behalf of BTA’s 60,000 members from 18 Alberta union locals across the province, we’d like to wish you all a happy and safe Labour Day!

We’d also like to encourage you to remember why we celebrate this day, and the crucial role organized labour has played to improve working conditions for everyone.

From better wages, to benefits and pensions, practical hours of work, universal health care, the weekend, child labour laws, workplace safety, collective bargaining and more, unions fought to achieve these gains and we fight to this day to protect and improve them.

Folks in building trades unions are committed to building and maintaining a better Alberta. These workers are the backbone of our economy and strong advocates of job-creating projects that put many Albertans to work.

Union workers in the building trades are active and committed community members who give back through the Building Trades of Alberta Charitable Foundation as well. This foundation has been around since 1991 and to date, has raised more than $8 million for over 80 worthy causes across our province; from STARS Air Ambulance, to the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, diabetes research, hope centres, food banks and more.

The Building Trades of Alberta is also committed to exposing unionized skilled trades to all Albertans. We utilized programs that give Indigenous Albertans skilled-trades opportunities; our Build Together – Women of the Building Trades of Alberta group promotes the work of unionized women, new Canadians, youth and more in the skilled trades. And we work closely with Helmets to Hardhats Canada, which helps transition veterans into civilian careers in the skilled trades.

Plus, through a number of skilled-trades training programs for students and youth, like The Educational Partnership Foundation, BTA affiliates work to bring good paying and rewarding jobs to our communities.

So, safely enjoy these last few weeks of summer and please, remember the important role organized labour plays in improving the lives of all Albertans.

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