Keystone XL providing union jobs in Alberta too
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On Aug. 5, TC Energy announced a project labour agreement with four U.S. building trades unions to ensure the Keystone XL pipeline on the American side is “built by the highest-skilled and highest-trained workforce.”

There is no doubt the unionized building trades brings both peak quality, safety and the most accomplished skilled tradespersons to any job. This is true on both sides of the border.

Much of the work on the Alberta portion of Keystone is done by Building Trades of Alberta affiliates, including welders, pipefitters, teamsters and labourers. With billions being invested from the province in this project, it’s reassuring to know its construction is employing many Albertans in the skilled trades.

 BTA has long supported Keystone XL and many other pipeline and energy developments. These projects provide good-paying jobs for Albertans and contribute greatly to the health of our province’s economy.

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