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|Premier Rachel Notley Announces Alberta’s First Community Benefits Agreement at BTA Conference

Premier Rachel Notley Announces Alberta’s First Community Benefits Agreement at BTA Conference

During Premier Rachel Notley’s address to the Building Trades of Alberta 2018 Conference on Wednesday evening, the Premier announced plans for Alberta’s first Community Benefit Agreement. Premier Notley is introduced by BTA Executive Director Terry Parker.

Premier Notley’s Statement on Community Benefit Agreements

For years the building trades have said public dollars in Alberta when spent on building public infrastructure should be spent in a way that maximizes the benefit to Alberta workers and local communities. You have said to me many times that It shouldn’t be about the cheapest bid. it should be about the best bid, the best bid for workers and the best bid for Alberta.
So I am talking of course about community benefit agreements. Now, as you all know these kinds of agreements don’t currently exist in Alberta. Our economy is unique and we need to do it in a way that’s right for this province, but there’s no reason that we can’t make progress immediately.
So in the coming weeks, we’re going to announce our very first Community Benefit Agreement. It’s going to be smaller. It’s going to be a focussed project that we can accomplish quickly. But we’re going to use it as a test case and learn from it and make sure that we get this right. And every step of the way we’re going to be listening to you, your members, and the working people of Alberta, and let’s be very clear: the end goal is to enact this Community Benefit Agreement province-wide. That means jobs for Albertans come first. Procurement practises focussed on the best bid [extended applause].
Thank you. So it means those procurement practises, they’ll focus on the best bid and it means that if we’re going to spend billions of dollars on public infrastructure, we’re going to make sure it comes with local jobs, training and apprenticeship opportunities, and benefits for working people like all of you.
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