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Community Benefit Agreements

About Community Benefits Agreements

Community Benefits Agreements put Alberta workers, families, and local communities first.

The members of the Building Trades of Alberta live right here in Alberta. We raise our families here. We pay taxes here. And we want to build infrastructure projects the right way; they become part of our province, and we want them to last. That’s why we support Community Benefits Agreements.

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Reasons to Support Community Benefits Agreements

Alberta faces a shortfall of skilled building trades workers. Building Trades of Alberta supports Community Benefits Agreements for major infrastructure projects because they

  • level the playing field (no lockouts of union contractors)
  • create new opportunities for union contractors and building trades workers
  • provide a means to train the next generation of skilled building trades workers
  • promote the hiring of under-represented populations, including Indigenous, women, and new Canadian workers.

Community Benefits Agreements are already being used in many jurisdictions in North America. Best practices are known. There is a record of success.

Community Benefits Agreements Work

Community Benefits Agreements
Time for Action

Albertans and Canadians are all too familiar with recent problems plaguing major infrastructure projects like the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion. We don’t need to rinse and repeat the errors and failed solutions of the past. It’s time for new solutions. An Alberta Community Benefits Agreement framework can potentially reduce the time and cost for approvals, align major infrastructure projects with Alberta’s regional, economic, environmental, and social development initiatives, and help train the new generation of skilled trades workers that Alberta needs.

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Check out these Twitter feeds to discover how Community Benefits Agreements are being used in other jurisdictions.

Premier Rachel Notley Announces Alberta’s First Community Benefits Agreement at BTA Conference

During Premier Rachel Notley's address to the Building Trades of Alberta 2018 Conference on Wednesday evening, the Premier announced plans for Alberta's first Community Benefit Agreement. Premier Notley is introduced by BTA Executive Director Terry Parker. Premier Notley's Statement [...]

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