Second vaccine clinic, first and second doses, at Suncor Base Camp – June 18 & 19

Alberta Health Services and International SOS are offering a second round of vaccine clinics in the RMWB region and will again provide the convenience of administering on-site vaccines to Suncor’s Base Plant workforce June 18 & 19.

The available vaccines are first doses of either Moderna or Pfizer, and second doses of Moderna, Pfizer or AstraZeneca. All three options have little side effects and prevent severe illness and death from COVID-19.

  • Second dose of Pfizer and Moderna should be the same as the first

o        Must have received first dose on or before May 28

  • Second dose of AstraZeneca can be either of the three options.

o        Must have received first dose on or before April 23

Everyone with site access to Base Plant, regardless of provincial residence, age, or employment company is eligible for on-site vaccination. If receiving a second dose, bring proof of first-dose documentation that confirms your name and date received. This can be a copy or picture of COVID-19 immunization record or online provincial digital health vaccine record.

Alberta participants who are registered on Alberta’s MyHealth will not have to present documentation.

Bring photo identification and your provincial health care card, and wear clothing that allows access to your upper arm.

Clinics will be held on June 18 at Main Admin and on June 19 at Steepbank Mine Complex from 12:00 to 24:00. Shuttles will be provided at regular bus stops during clinic hours.

Information about on-site vaccine clinics, including the Eventbrite booking link is available at

Everyone is encouraged to confidentially report their vaccines or symptoms/side effects to Health & Wellness in the Cority portal or at AskHealth& This data influences how protocols will evolve to safely return to a level of normalcy.

There are three ways to be vaccinated on-site:

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