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|Thank You from Shell Scotford

Thank You from Shell Scotford

Thank You for 2015 from Shell Scotford Manufacturing!

2015 was a very good Turnaround year for Scotford Manufacturing and I would like to pass on my Thanks and gratitude for the part you played in our success. We have worked hard at Scotford to improve our culture of care and our Turnaround performance. Our TA events in 2015 saw a tremendous improvement in these areas. The level of engagement that you, the workforce critical to our success, showed in our safety programs and your commitment to being safe, communicating and helping us improve was awesome! It truly felt like a partnership and we are very proud of it and you!

Shell Scotford

There is a saying that many of us use which is “The safe way to work is the productive way to work”. We really turned Scotford people into believers this past year. In addition to the awesome culture, the TA was completed on time and on budget – demonstrating that when we set up to do our work safely then the results speak for themselves. The professionalism of our workforce showed up in how little rework we had to carry out – practically none! We did not have to cut out and repair a single weld. This speaks volumes for the competence and skill of our Alberta and Canadian Workforce. Congratulations.

As the calendar flips to 2016, Scotford once again has huge challenges to complete hundreds of thousands of manhours of work and need you to come back and join us! We will commit to making your work experience with the Scotford Team safe, we will provide good facilities, and a rewarding experience. Please plan to make Scotford a big part of your work plans next year and I looking forward to seeing you at our new orientation!!

All the best to you and your families over the holiday season from the Scotford Team

Paul Fisher, P. Eng.

Turnaround Manager

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